Black And White Rug

When you are considering decorative items for your home, you should always try and find items that are of excellent quality, provide functionality to your home and does not get in your way. Rugs are the perfect solution for improving the overall look of just about any room in your home or office. A black and white rug is the best decorative investment you can make for your home.

Reasons to get a black and white rug;

· Black and white rugs have a timeless style that will never go out of date. You can use your rug for the next forty years and your room will always have a fresh and modern appeal.

· These rugs are simple in color which means it can suit any contemporary styled office, living room or bedroom. Even children’s rooms look fantastic with these rugs.

· Because the rug is so simple in color, you can easily move it between rooms and offices for a mini decorative effect and a fresh look for your bedroom, office or kitchen.

Places that is perfect for black and white rugs

Bedroom – Your simple rug will look fantastic in just about any bedroom. Your master bedroom will get a modest appeal and your guest bedrooms will always have a simple yet elegant finish.

Children’s bedrooms – Children’s bedrooms are often over schemed in the child’s favorite color. Your child’s bedroom will look a bit alternative and will break the high contrast color scheme for a more open and calming effect.

Bathrooms – This type of rug will enhance your bathroom’s natural clean look and feel.

Living rooms – Living rooms look much more spacious with these lighter rugs.

Office – The perfect edition for modern offices.

Most popular black and white patterns

Striped rug – Striped rugs can make a room look organized and longer or wider depending on the direction of the stripes.

Chevron rugs – This pattern is perfect for kid’s bedrooms because the chevron pattern looks vibrant and lively.

Zebra – Great for living rooms and offices that have wildlife like appeal such as the offices of a Zoo or a large fashionable firm.

Dotted – Dotted rugs are great for kid’s bedrooms and bathrooms. Black and white dotted rugs can also look fantastic in modern styled offices.

Floral – Black and white floral rugs are great for main and guest bedrooms because they bring a beautiful finish and a more elegant look to the room.

Rug maintenance

These rugs do require frequent cleaning and you should take the necessary precautions to ensure that the white bits of your rug don’t get stained with lasting spills such as wine, tar or coffee. There are a lot of cleaning products that is specially created to remove even the toughest of stains from even the whitest of carpets. Removing stains from carpets will however always take a long time and a lot of effort. You should vacuum your carpet regularly to keep the colors vibrant and lively and so the carpet’s general life expectancy can be enduring.